We provide advice in all areas of business law, working whenever appropriate with external legal consultants. Our teams have experience in multiple practice areas, each coordinated by one of the Firm's partners.


Through the legal advice we have been providing to our Clients for many years, we have significant experience in all matters of Commercial Law, whether in the industrial, commercial or services sector.

We are able to work on a wide range of contracts (product supply, provision of services, works contracts, agency, distribution, licensing, acquisition or disposal of establishments or assets, negotiation of credits, consortia and joint ventures).

In the field of Corporate Law, we advise our Clients on new investments and on the respective corporate structures to support them. We draw up shareholders' agreements, advise on appropriate corporate governance instruments and assist with private equity and venture capital operations, securities funds, mergers, demergers, transformation or simple acquisition or disposal of equity holdings, corporate restructuring and, when necessary, in winding-up and liquidation or insolvency procedures.

In relations with corporate finance entities, we provide legal assistance in Financial Law in the contracting of the appropriate instruments, whether in the form of specialised credit - leasing, factoring, confirming - or the structuring of bond issues, we provide support in the negotiation, renegotiation or restructuring of loans in their various forms, including in banking syndicate situations.

With direct support from our tax Consultants, we seek to guide our Clients towards structures or operations which meet their objectives, offer transparency and, at the same time, provide the highest level of efficiency or neutrality.

From property negotiations to investment finance, construction contracts, development and subsequent sales or lets of property units, Vasconcelos Advogados has provided specialized advice to clients in this area.

The Firm has accumulated experience in complex real estate operations involving various properties, as well as acquisition, sale or lease of residential and commercial properties, tourist developments, agricultural holdings and industrial facilities.

We provide advisory services in the field of Real Estate Law to a range of clients, including real estate investment funds, leasing companies, real estate investment companies, hotel management and agricultural ventures.

We also assist clients that are not specialized in real estate/real estate transcations, including on investment and disinvestment operations, acquisitions for the purposes of obtaining the 'Golden Visa', usufruct arrangements, condominium rules, co-ownership arrangements and negotiation of urban or rural leases.   

In today's technological society, where information can be exchanged by pushing of a button and third-party works can be consumed or enjoyed online, the need to protect intellectual property rights correctly and effectively is greater than ever.

At the same time, constant innovation is an important feature of competition, meaning that our Clients in the media sector need to keep updated on developments that were not yet reflected in the legal system.

Vasconcelos Advogados has excelled in providing strategic advice on acquisition, operation, maintenance and defence of rights in the field of Intellectual Property and in legal advice to its Clients working in television, radio and the press, on all aspects of their business, including regulatory affairs, image rights, advertising, licensing, product promotion, development of new technologies, distribution agreements and relationship with regulatory authorities.

The Firm has a vast experience in providing legal advice on Copyright and Related Rights, assisting artists, publishers, film production companies and record labels.

Vasconcelos Advogados focus much of its work in the field of Employment and Social Security Law, advising business of all kinds and high-ranking officials in matters relating to this practice area.

Our team provides regular support to Human Resources departments, counting with a vast experience of corporate restructuring operations (it has led countless lay-off and workforce reduction processes, involving collective dismissals or redundancies), advising Clients from a variety of sectors in connection with significant acquisitions of companies or establishments (e.g. sale of establishment, mergers, demergers, purchase and sale of assets, including preparation and assistance with employment due diligence procedures).

Vasconcelos Advogados advises and represents its Clients in administrative offence and judicial proceedings relating to employment and social security matters, at all levels.

In the area of collective bargaining, the Company has advised Clients in several processes leading to collective labour agreements, at all stages, including in conciliation, mediation and arbitration procedures.

Vasconcelos Advogados has a specialist Tax Law team that works on an integrated basis with other Firm's practice areas, ensuring that Clients receive legal advice that is both complete and tax-efficient.

The Firm has advised its Clients on a regular basis on tax inspections procedures and resolution of tax disputes, and is able to rely on support from highly specialised consultants.

Also in this field, the Firm has provided regular advice to a variety of businesses on payroll taxation and contributions, and also on tax and social security planning.

In the field of Insolvency and Business Recovery, Vasconcelos Advogados has represented creditors and insolvent companies at all stages of the process, as well as representing employees in collectively securing their employment claims.

The Firm's experience includes the most recent business restructuring arrangements and extends from prevention through to payment of creditors.

Our specialist and multidisciplinary teams enable us to provide a comprehensive service of legal advice and representation, in and out of court, in response to the needs of our Clients.

Vasconcelos Advogados offers an expert service in litigation in the civil, commercial and employment courts, and also in national arbitration proceedings. This includes both the preliminary phase of preventing litigation in relation to our Clients' business activities, and litigation proper, through the full range of appeals.

In this practice area, the Firm counts on the services of a Consultant working specifically in litigation, who has taken part in high profile and especially complex judicial and arbitration proceedings, in coordination at all times with the departments specialising in the legal area or areas relevant to the dispute.